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Halloween is right around the corner and many of you may have even started to buy your Trick or Treat candy. We had such an overwhelming response from our patients and community the last two years collecting Halloween candy for care packages, we can’t wait to do it again!  The official date of the “event” is Tues November 1. We will accept donated candy all that week.
When the kids get back from Trick or Treating, let them choose some candy to keep and then bring a bag of candy to us for our Halloween Candy  campaign. We will be partnering with the American Legion Post 201 in Alpharetta. Once again, we will collect the candy and Steve O at the Legion will add it to his stash of goodies. Steve O, as he is affectionately know, has sent over 3100 care packages to troops serving in Afganistan over recent years. Please consider joining us. You donated  over 100 pounds of candy to Steve O last year and would be thrilled to send more this year!

We have a special surprise for our patients and their families who bring us care package items!
See below for an alternate  list of items that we’ve been told the troops appreciate seeing in care packages.

Baby Wipes, Phone Cards, Magazines, Books, Movies, Hand and foot warmers, Mouthwash,
Febreeze, Body Wash, Body Spray, Pringles, Crackers, Cookies, Beef Jerky, Comic Books,
Travel Size Games (chess, checkers), Playing Cards, Memory Cards (i.e. PSPs), Memory Sticks
Sunscreen, Thumb Tack (to hang the pictures), Blue and Black Pens, Notebooks, Envelopes, Postage, Fly Paper (some areas where the soldiers live have lots of flies), Sun Glasses, Digital or Disposable Cameras, Travel Size Packets of Laundry Detergent, Powdered Drinks, especially Gatorade, Blank Writable CD’s, Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Soduku

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