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Most of us are procrastinators when it comes to our dental health. You know the story…you visit the dentist, they tell you that you have some old fillings that are leaking, breaking down, and they¬† see decay around the margins. You should either have them replaced with composite (tooth colored, resin) fillings or even have them replaced with a crown due to extensive decay or cracks. You know you should just pull the trigger and schedule the appointment, but you don’t really want to. So, you wait, and wait, and wait. Then you schedule a trip out of town and you break your tooth. All of a sudden, you wish you had just had the work done when you could have planned it. Now you have to wait to get back in town before you can get your tooth fixed. Let’s back up a minute and explain what some of the dental lingo means.

Old fillings leaking, breaking down: simply put, the edges are breaking down. If the filling is made of the old “silver” filling material, this means that mercury could be entering your blood stream. It also means that bacteria can enter your system at the same time. Think about it, mercury and bacteria don’t sound like things I want in my bloodstream. I’m guessing you agree.
Please treat your teeth like you want to keep them and take care of your necessary dental work! Trust me, it isn’t all that scary.¬† I did it..and I’m married to the dentist! We have so many distractions that we will be finished before you know it! There are T.V.s at each operatory, headphones with your choice of music, nitrous oxide ( laughing gas), and the best dentist and staff around. So, what you waiting for???Just call and do it!

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